"Ultimately Leadlight succeeds by building atmosphere and developing narrative, involving you emotionally in the story being told. While much of the game is horrifying, there are sequences that are poignant and haunting, and Clarke's attunement to Belinda's complex emotional state is affecting. By the end, you feel like you've experienced something, and that's no small achievement…"

"Leadlight was among my top three in this competition – dark, polished and compelling, and a game I'd definitely recommend to friends outside the comp."

– Amanda Allen, Designer at Hello Games and author of The Blind House

"… this ended up being one of my favorite experiences in this year's comp. Aside from the technical proficiency that the game represents, the packaging was some of the best I've ever seen. The user's guide was great, the installation instructions were clear and thorough, and the website design was excellent."

– Ben Cressey, Gargoyle developer

"… I hope this sells well."

– Caleb Wilson, author of Cannonfire Concerto and Lime Ergot

"The game itself feels almost exactly like a text-based version of Silent Hill, which is about the biggest compliment I can give a horror game."

– Taylor Vaughan, author of The People's Glorious Revolutionary Text Adventure Game

"To me, Wade Clarke's Leadlight is an example of interactive fiction done right. Although still full of occasionally frustrating traps and puzzles, Leadlight leverages the unique advantage of text to craft pictures in your head far more evocative than modern graphics could ever be, and all for the sake of creeping the hell out of its players."

"The other real standout aspect of this game is the atmosphere, in particular as brought out by the writing. You end up killing quite a few zombies and seeing lots of destruction, but it never gets repetitive and is always creepy."

"In conclusion, this game is highly recommended to all those who believe they might like a game with random combat and unfair death traps, for it is surely among the best games of that type."

– Victor Gijsbers, author of Kerkerkruip and De Baron